Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup Spirituality

Many thanks to all those who commented on my last blog. I found your comments and thoughts both moving and challenging. Let's keep sharing..

I am indebted to my friend and colleague in Bristol days - Bishop Lee of Swindon. He made a comment on his blog about the clash of Diocesan meetings with World Cup matches and that they had noticed a rise in apologies for absence.
My reaction is --- 'well done' all those who have put the World Cup first. And well done to the Diocese of Bristol for changing dates accordingly. (maybe having Bishops who love the beautiful game helps). It shows me that there are leaders somewhere who don't just see things like the World Cup as something to give Christ Followers 'trips of the guilties' about (what matters most... 'our meetings or the game' - yeah right) or even see them as evangelistic opportunities (which they are - he said quickly) but see these life events as simply that - being normal and being human. Now if we can cancel any meetings we have that coincide with World Cup meetings and maybe spend the time watching with friends or at the pub - well maybe we're going some way to address the issues I have been talking about in previous blogs. But I bet as church we won't!

My comment to Bishop Lee on his blog was this:

One of the most memorable occasions for me in Bristol was leading a Readers Retreat which coincided with that Rugby match. We all stopped and had a glorious few hours watching and celebrating – myself and the Reader from Kington Langley doing a dance at the famous kick. The Retreat went like a dream after that….

I can also remember an ordination retreat during the last World Cup where we all gathered with Bishop Mike and watched a key match. Some of the ordinands went and did other things and some had their toe nails painted ... it was a highly spiritual few days enhanced by normal human relational activity. Surely a vital Christian principle. (Any Bishops and DDO's reading please take note).

You never know even 'church as we know it' might flow a bit better if we became more normal.....

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